tactics for community radio towards a radio without programming

1-Always give the wrong time, date, weather and news report.
2-Constantly change your broadcasting frequency.
3-Do any technical repairs, regular cleanings, planning for shows, committee meetings, training sessions, etc. on the air.
4-Say what another station is saying at the same time. If they complain, tell them you’re a ventriloquist.
5-Insist on the global installation of radio parking meters. The more you stay tuned to only one station the more you have to pay.
6-Have an “Upside Down Week”, where all shows would be found in a different time slot.
7-Have a “Search Week” where all shows would not be found.
8-Have a "Traffic Jam" where stations in different cities broadcast each other's traffic reports instead of their own.
9-Play the accordion: go from one watt to full power in one watt per day increments and back down again.
10-Try to fill a two hour show with a two second song.
11-Try to do fill a two second show with a two hour song.
12-When you have an interview, have the interviewee at the controls and you at the guest spot.
13-Dissect the equipment of your radio station into its component parts: transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, etc. and send one out to each of your listeners.
14-Go as fast as the technology you’re using. Carry your words to your listeners by running.

previously unpublished, written in 1992-1994 and used in a section of the lecture performance "Recipes For Disaster: post-digital voice tactics" presented in 1997 at the Recycling the Future event organized by KunstRadio in Vienna, Austria. From "Christof Migone - Sound Voice Perform".