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Focusing on contemporary issues, events, and discourses, DOORMATS is a series aimed at contributing to the now, talking about issues that are present and that demand presence. The series is concerned with addressing questions of political subjectivity, and how this may find expression as well as forms of mutuality and solidarity in today's global environment. It highlights attempts to contribute a particular view onto local events, while looking for additional contact and community. What occurs directly in front may find resonance in far away places.

DOORMATS can be seen as an entry point, what is outside but also appended to; it might be what greets you upon entering the house of discourse, but which also collects the dirt of the real as you pass.

DOORMATS are a sign of civility that might also become a type of flying carpet.

DOORMATS aims to expand what a political voice may be, aiming for experimental writing, alternative agency and poetics, urgent reflections and spirited commentary: to support the need for a contemporary discourse always already mobile and connective, diffuse but no less concrete: potential.

The series is edited by Riccardo Benassi and Brandon LaBelle.

No. 1: Skizo-Mails, Franco Berardi Bifo
No. 2: Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian, Brandon LaBelle
No. 3: By Reason or By Force, Valentina Montero
No. 4: The School of Public Life, Fred Dewey
No. 5: Techno Casa, Riccardo Benassi
No. 6: The Force of Listening, Lucia Farinati & Claudia Firth
No. 7: Resounding Roar, Israel Martínez